The story

What's the problem?

The Middle Ages are popular. We encounter it everywhere. That's great!

Unfortunately, the great popularity of the Middle Ages has given rise to an image of medieval history that has not much to do anymore with what we actually know about it from historical research. That's a shame.

Popcultural representations of the Middle Ages play a key role in this - the kind we find in abundance on shirts for example.

A fantasy Templar wading through copious amounts of blood? No problem.

“DEUS VULT” blaring hybrids of Templar, Assassin and Grail Seeker? Sure!

What's the idea behind MDVAL Streetwear?

MDVAL Streetwear, on the other hand, offers the opportunity to express your fascination with the Middle Ages in a way that is both stylish and close to the source. MDVAL Streetwear specifically aims to set itself apart from existing images of the Middle Ages with motifs that are exclusively based on archaeological finds and historical sources.

The brand's trademarks are a modern, minimalist and everyday style that accompanies you stylishly in all everyday situations. We also take your specific era preferences into account by creating a motif line consisting of three era ambassadors, each representing the early, high and late Middle Ages