Fully organic clothing. And motifs that are exclusively based on sources and archaeological finds from the Middle Ages.

That's MDVAL Streetwear.


What is MDVAL?

MDVAL is a digital history brand.

For us it's all about the Middle Ages. On Youtube. On Twitch and now as a clothing brand.

Why do I need MDVAL streetwear products?

Because you obviously do love the Middle Ages, right?

MDVAL Streetwear products are a statement for the pursuit of the greatest possible source proximity and against the appropriation of history and historical images. In addition, the clothing is made from 100% organic cotton and - I'll tell it like it is - feels simply wonderful!

Are MDVAL Streetwear products sustainable?

At MDVAL Streetwear, we use clothing from Stanley&Stella (there are only a few exceptions to this, like the caps. Stanley&Stella has a strong focus on sustainably and fairly produced clothing that are certified multiple times (including Oeko-Tex Standard 100, OCS Blended, OCS 100, GOTS, GRS and PETA-Approved VEGAN). You can find more information about this at https://www.stanleystella.com/de-de/standing-by-our-commitments

Which motifs are selected for MDVAL streetwear?

The prints on MDVAL streetwear products consist of motif series, such as helmets or sword knobs. For each series of motifs, we chose three motif ambassadors, each of which represents the early, high and late Middle Ages as motifs. So everyone will find something to their taste, regardless of whether you are a fan of the early or late Middle Ages.

Will there be more motifs in the future?

Of course! The currently available motifs are just the beginning. We are constantly adding new ones. If you have suggestions as to what we should urgently include as a motif (series), make sure to let us know at: mdval.brand@gmail.com

Taking care of MDVAL Streetwear products

Since almost all of our products are organic, please treat them as such. Don't put them in the dryer and make sure to wash your new favourite clothing always inside out in order to keep the prints fresh and clean as long as possible

Wichtig: Umtausch?

MDVAL Streetwear is produced on-demand. Your color, your motif, your size.

Every product is unique, which means you cannot send them back, if you haven't chosen the correct size. This is why every product page features size tabels. So be sure to take measure before you buy.

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